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Full-Service Accounting & Tax Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a tax preparer.  Isn’t that enough?


When you work with a Certified Tax Coach, you get more than just a tax return.  You get a team of strategists to help ensure you are paying the least amount of taxes legally allowed by implementing a customized strategy to take advantage of every available tax break.


What Can I Expect with My Personalized Proactive Tax Strategy?


  • Start with a brief interview with a Certified Tax Coach. We want to hear about where you are now, and where you want to be. We’ll ask several easy questions about your current situation and from that determine the best Proactive Tax Strategy program for you.


  • You complete a brief Tax Questionnaire. You’ll outline your financial, business, and investment goals and about where your money currently goes. We’ll need copies of your past tax return and a little information on each business entity (S Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership, etc) that you currently have set up. It’s all in the Tax Questionnaire and we’re here to help you if you have more questions. The more information you give us, the better job we can do.


  • We analyze your information and develop a comprehensive Proactive Tax Strategy. This stage typically takes two weeks so there’s plenty of time to research the best possible options for you. This is the stage where the cool things happen! In fact, the average savings for a taxpayer as a result of their Personalized Proactive Tax Strategy plan is over $15,000 per year!


  • Together, we schedule a phone call to review the details of your plan and to get your feedback. Typically, this call lasts about an hour. It’s packed with a lot of information, though, so we'll write up your customized strategy so you won’t miss a thing!


  • You get a write-up of your customized strategy along with informative tax loophole information based on needs identified during your phone call with your strategist, complete with IRS references.


  • We conduct a follow-up phone call about two weeks after the initial phone call or meeting to cover the details of the first call again or to go through new questions you’ve uncovered.


What happens after my Proactive Tax Strategy?


After you’ve completed the entire tax strategy process, you will then have the opportunity to move into one of our tax maintenance plans to ensure you never overpay a dime of tax again! These plans may include the following services:


  • Analysis of your bookkeeper’s financial statements to ensure that they are correct and in accordance with the Proactive Tax Strategy that has been developed for you


  • Advice on and revision of your current tax strategy when needed due to changes in your circumstances or changes in tax laws


  • Preparation of your business and personal tax returns


  • Tax consulting to educate and empower you in your own tax strategy and financial plan


  • Specified phone time with your personal Certified Tax Coach


  • E-mail question and answer sessions

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